Hi, thank you for coming into my world.

Why choose the name I’m Val and an Aries  hense valaries Galleries.

I can also hear the sea from my house. How lovely the heart slipped in the name. Heart in the middle is for the love of the sea.  I should have changed it as there are a few Icanhearthesea. ..but honestly I couldn’t do it. It suits me!

An ideal site if you are contemplating on a move to the coast, or interested in the coast, art, lush sea photos. My honest frank experiences may help you decide.

If your looking for free Photography to for inspiring artists  (all I ask is that you follow my website and mention me on doing so).  Perhaps you would like to view my fresh  Watercolour Painting gallery original are welcome.

I am by no means a professional photographer and everything you see is exactly what I see.  My paintings are my interpretation of what I see, again its just a hobby.

I have recently given up inner town life to live by the sea. Not a retiree and working 4 days a week for the NHS.

What do I do by the sea, my move, the people, the shops, my home renovation, my new watercolour hobby, my thoughts on Books that I  have read..I read every night…the downfalls and the highlights of coastal life and leaving what I know to something completely new.

I have now experienced a full year and I have seen all four seasons let me share this with you.